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What Is a Live Casino?

live casino

A live casino is a gambling site that features real-time gaming. Players can place bets and watch the games via a video link as if they were in the actual casino.

These casinos are a great option for those who want to experience the buzz of a real casino, but don’t have the time to travel. In addition, they can also offer a variety of welcome bonuses.

Real-time streaming

The real-time streaming of live casino games is an exciting new feature in online gambling. This technology has revolutionized the industry, allowing players to enjoy their favourite casino games from anywhere in the world. Players can play casino games in real time and interact with live dealers from their desktop computer or mobile device.

Several factors determine a player’s quality experience, including resolution and bitrate. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the stream. Bitrate is crucial because it allows the game to adapt to network conditions and ensures an optimal viewing experience.

Depending on the country and region, live online casinos may have different rules about paying taxes. Generally, players must pay tax on winnings if they win more than they spend.


Authenticity is a big part of the live casino experience. It’s important that the games are conducted professionally and transparently to build trustworthiness. This authenticity makes the experience more fun and exciting for players.

Unlike online casinos, which use computer algorithms to determine game outcomes, live casino games are conducted by real dealers who shuffle cards and roll dices in person. Moreover, these dealers interact with the players through chat and can even answer questions.

Authentic Gaming’s live casino games are streamed from real land-based casinos around the world. In addition to Foxwoods, Authentic has also streamed tables from casinos in Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, London, Bucharest and across Italy. They offer a wide range of betting limits and game styles to suit all players.


Gamification is a modern technology that’s used in online casino games to make them more exciting. It is a technique that’s being implemented by many companies, including Nike, Coca-Cola, and IBM. It is designed to promote loyalty and engagement through a fun gaming experience.

Live casinos offer a more realistic gambling experience than traditional online casinos. They use real cards and roulette wheels, as well as powerful cameras to transmit the action to players. They also have a special device called the Game Control Unit (GCU), which translates dealer movements into data that’s transmitted instantly to players.

The GCU is also responsible for encoding video games that are broadcast on the internet and other platforms. This technology is important for ensuring that the games are not rigged.

Payment options

If you’re looking for a real casino experience without leaving your home, you can play live online casino games. These casinos offer a variety of real-time betting options and a wide selection of games. You can choose from games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and more. You can also use various banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. These include credit or debit cards, instant transfers, and pre-paid cards/vouchers like Paysafecard and Ukash.

Players should be aware of the fees associated with each payment method. For instance, some cards come with maintenance charges while others may charge a small fee to convert currencies online. Ultimately, choosing the right payment option can make the difference between a smooth gaming experience and a frustrating one. Moreover, choosing a trustworthy casino is vital.


There are many security measures taken by live casino operators to ensure the safety of their customers. They use CCTV cameras and other monitoring systems to monitor activities in real-time. This helps prevent fraud and other security breaches. They also use access control systems, including biometric identification technology, to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter certain areas of the casino.

Live casinos also work with independent auditing companies to verify that their games are fair and random. This verification process helps players choose safe and trustworthy online casinos.

In addition to secure online banking options, reputable casinos should offer reliable customer support. They should be available around the clock to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during gameplay. They should also promote responsible gambling tools, such as self-exclusion and deposit limits.

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